3 Social Media Tips for Job Seekers

In 2017 companies largely make use of social media when doing background checks on potential candidates. What can you do to better your chances of getting that call?

  1. Avoid Offensive Content

Although your personal social media pages are just that – a platform to share your personal views, opinions and photos/videos, make sure you do a clean sweep when you are looking for a job. Companies take your personal social media pages as an indication of your character and how you relate to people. Avoid using offensive language and particularly content that can be viewed as vulgar, discriminatory or racist, even after you have been hired.

  1. Showcase Your Expertise

Mention your skills and expertise in your profile biography so recruiters can see what you can do without having to scan your entire profile to figure it out. Although you do not need to turn your personal page entirely into a business page, keep your content decent, professional and relevant to the industry you want to work in.

  1. Networking Groups

Join social media groups relating to your industry where you can have discussions with like-minded people, share and receive tips and keep up to date with industry news. This way you will sharpen your knowledge and learn a new thing or two.

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