Online Job Applications: 3 Common Questions

If you have ever applied for a job online, you have surely had some frustrations with the process. Below we shed some light on the most common issues applicants have:

  1. Why did I receive no feedback?

Agencies/companies receive hundreds, even thousands, of applications on a daily basis. They have to go through each CV to see whether the candidate meets all the requirements for the job or not, and this takes time. Agencies usually only provide feedback to applicants who meet the job requirements. Unfortunately, they do not have the time to respond to all applicants as they usually work within a deadline.

  1. Is it so bad that I do not have experience?

Lots of applicants get frustrated that most agencies require experience for the jobs they advertise. Agencies advertise jobs based on their clients’ requirements and, unfortunately, most clients want candidates who have the required experience. They want to avoid having to struggle with a candidate who is unable to do the job after they have been hired.

  1. I met most of the requirements but was still rejected. Why?

As mentioned above, agencies have to seek candidates based on the requirements of their clients, and the clients have the final say in which candidates get chosen. If you do not meet all of the prerequisites, you may not be considered for the position. Therefore, always make sure that you fit the criteria before applying for a job.

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