5 Indicators of Employment Scams

  1. They want you to pay them

It is illegal for recruitment agencies to charge applicants to find them jobs, companies pay them once they have placed a candidate for them. Job seekers should at all times be aware that agencies/individuals expecting them to pay them for their service are committing an illegal act and should be reported.

  1. They want confidential information

If you are ever expected to provide confidential information beyond what is required for your curriculum vitae, the agency is likely illegitimate.

  1. Unprofessional communication skills

Someone claiming to be from an agency who is emailing you from a personal email address and making continuous spelling and grammatical errors, raises a red flag. A legitimate agency will communicate with you in a way that is traceable and professional. Also check if any company information is missing from the communication (email signature with company info included, etc.); such as a landline number, company address and authentic company website.

  1. The information they provide does not add up

If the information the person is giving you about the agency does not add up, they are likely trying to scam you. Always make sure you do your research properly and ask questions if you are uncomfortable – scammers usually leave you alone once they realise you are asking questions that could expose them. Ask for proof of registration or any documentation that could support the company’s legitimacy.

  1. You feel uneasy

If, at any time, you feel uneasy during the time you are communicating with someone from an ‘agency’, do not ignore your gut. Take steps to find out if they are authentic.

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