Forbes’s Job Searching Tips for 2017

The job hunting world is ever evolving, and if we want to increase our chances of finding an ideal job and getting noticed by potential employers, we have to make sure we keep up. Karsten Strauss, a journalist who writes for Forbes Magazine and, shares a few insightful tips in this article. We highlight some of them below:

  1. Networking

Networking, both online and offline, play a crucial part in the job hunting process. “As it always has been, networking is key,” says Strauss. “The difference now, of course, is that there are tools to do it.” If you do not put yourself out there, who will know that you are looking for a job? Showcase your skills and qualifications by attending business networking meetings and creating an online profile on platforms where companies are inclined to look for potential employees. “An internal referral or even a LinkedIn introduction can set you apart from the pack,” writes Strauss.

  1. Social Media

As we spend so much time on social media platforms, it is only logical that we should use it to our advantage when it comes to job hunting. Make people in your circle aware that you are looking for a job by posting it on your personal profiles. “If you are not in a confidential search, posting to your social networks that you are looking, and what you are looking for, is an important form of networking,” says Strauss.

  1. Do not limit your online search to LinkedIn

Balance out your online search by scanning other job listing sites besides LinkedIn. Strauss advises that “While LinkedIn, Monster and Career Builders are still relevant, scrapes corporate web sites, so look there too.”

  1. Old-fashioned cold calling

About cold calling Strauss states: “If you have identified one or more organizations, that you believe offer the ideal work and environment, but they do not have a position posted, you can cold call,” he says. “Using publically available information, or your network for an introduction, you can send your resume and a cover letter requesting a call or visit to learn more about the company and to introduce yourself for future consideration.”

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