Job Seeker’s Etiquette: 4 Tips

Make a good impression in the job seeking world by applying these easy tips:

  1. Spelling and Grammar

Always make sure that your spelling and grammar are correct. Practice how to properly formulate a sentence, make use of tools on Google or a thesaurus if you are unsure how to spell certain words or how to use a word in a sentence. The point is to communicate with potential employers in a professional, effective way – that cannot be done if you do not know how to properly express yourself.

  1. Say Thank You

Even if you do not get the job, make contact with the person who interviewed you and thank them. It is best to personalise your thank you letter with the person’s name, instead of using the common “Sear Sir/Madam” greeting. You never know what could happen in the future – your politeness may just leave the right impression and open doors for future vacancies.

  1. Remember Body Language

The body language you exhibit during your interview is very important. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer, take a breath and think before you answer a question (this way you can make sure you are happy with your answers) and control your facial expressions.

  1. Be Consistent

From the time you first make contact with the employer, until after the job application process has been completed, remain consistently professional. Maintain good etiquette by making sure you implement the above-mentioned points from beginning to end, with every person you communicate with during the job application process. How you interact with people universally can make a good collective impression, especially amongst people from the same company/agency.


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