Important Information for Tax Season

The 2019 tax season is open and will be closing again on 31 October 2019 (branch filing) and 4 December 2019 (e-filing). If this is your first time submitting your tax return, or you would like to register for e-filing, what are the most important facts you need to know as an individual paying tax? Here are a few links below:

  1. How do you find out if you need to submit a tax return? Click here.
  2. How do you register to submit your tax return? Click here.
  3. How do you send your tax return to SARS? Click here.
  4. How can you register for e-filing? Click here.
  5. If you require assistance with e-filing, follow this link to request the help of a SARS employee.
  6. Do you need your tax number? Click here.
  7. What are important SARS-related dates and deadlines to take note of? Click here.
  8. Do you need help with your taxes? Click here.
  9. Additional tax questions and answers, click here.

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