6 Crucial Interview Tips

Turn your phone off

Turning your phone off before you enter the interview location will help you keep your thoughts focused. It will also help avoid any awkward situations where your phone rings and causes a disruption during your interview.

Be prepared to explain the value you bring to the company

When you are asked why you should be hired, answer the question genuinely. Keep your focus on how the company will benefit from hiring you, instead of how you will benefit from working for them. While it is of course important that any job have perks, the company/interviewer always wants to know that their employees are worth the money being spent on them and that they will be an investment in the long run.

Avoid using filler words

Instead of using words like “um”, “uh” and “like”, pause and take your time to answer questions. Think your words through – this will ensure that you articulate your thoughts properly and demonstrate confidence and thoughtfulness.

Always bring multiple copies of your resume to the interview

As you do not always know how many people will be interviewing you, take multiple copies of your resume with you. Do not assume that they will have copies of their own because “they already have it”. This will also help avoid a situation where you create an errand for your interviewer by having them go make copies for you, and it also demonstrates thoughtfulness and preparedness.

Be prepared to expand on everything listed on your resume

Your interviewer will expect you to know the content of your resume. Take notes with, if necessary, to ensure you know what to say when you are asked about it.

Do a “dry run” before your interview  

If you are able, it is always a good idea to travel to the company’s location before the day of your interview. This will ensure that you know where you are going and do not get lost on the day.

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