4 Ways To Prep For A 2019 Job Search In December

This holiday season, use your time to revise and revamp your CV and online presence to help give you a strong head start in 2019:

1. Update your CV and cover letter

Use the holiday period to update your CV and cover letter to ensure  that your documents are up to date. Look at ways to improve the structure of your CV and make sure your certified documents have not expired. This way you can hit the ground running in 2019 and kick off your jobs search swiftly.

2. Network

Spend time on professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn. Reconnect with old class mates, colleagues and friends who work at companies where you would like to work. Spruce up your LinkedIn profile with a new photo and keywords to describe your unique skills and accomplishments.

3. Polish your online presence

In addition to refocusing your professional web presence, take some time to revamp your social media accounts as well. Ensure that they do not contain content that could make potential employers wary of hiring you – prune where needed to help present the image you want future employers to have of you.

4. Launch your 2019 job search

Start off the new year by contacting people who might not have gotten back to you over the holidays. Look over your CV and cover letter again, invest in a new interview item/outfit – this will ensure that you are confident and ready when employers call you for an interview.

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