How To Use Facebook To Find A Job

Did you know that Facebook has a “Jobs” feature where you can see vacancies posted by companies using this social media platform? Most of us spend so much time on Facebook, so why not make the time you spend on it beneficial for your job search? How can you use Facebook to find a job?

  1. Make sure your profile is in tip-top shape

You can be sure that the companies you apply at will be checking out your profile, so make it worth their time. Use your profile as a CV by updating your job history and your duties and responsibilities.

  1. Explore the jobs in your region

On your Facebook Home page, click on the “Jobs” link on the left sidebar under the “Explore” header. If it does not appear there, click on “See more” and it should appear. You can search for jobs or explore according to the industry and/or job type.







  1. Get notified whenever new jobs are posted

If you are interested in being notified when companies publish new jobs, simply click on the “Subscribe button on the right side of the page.

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