Best Job Search Tips for Job Seekers, by Job Seekers

We have previously shared some career and job searching advice from some of the most successful business people; this time we are sharing some tips from fellow job seekers:

Job search like it’s your job.

“Approach your job search like it is a 9 to 5 job. Put in the time each day. Think about yourself in terms of skill sets, not as a title: teacher, lawyer, etc.” – Mary Lou

Market yourself.

“Be proactive—market yourself as if you were marketing a business (brand you!). Take time to quantify your talents and learn to speak comfortably regarding accomplishments. Create a job search system for introducing, applying, and following up on leads/interviews. Plan your work, work your plan—a job search IS a job. Treat yourself to free or low-cost perks to reward effort, you earned it!” – Cindy

Know yourself and what you want.

“Be authentic, know yourself—strengths and weaknesses. Be aware of the kinds of job responsibilities and tasks you enjoy and those that you don’t enjoy so much. Know what you are looking for in an employer and position. Focus on opportunities that are a good fit. Be congruent in expressing who you are and your accomplishments on your cover letter, resume, and during the interview. The whole while, be yourself!” – Karen

Take care of yourself.

“Keep things in balance and make sure that you are taking care of yourself. Don’t get discouraged and remember that most jobs come when you least expect them.” – Patryce

Showcase your abilities.

“Never turn down an opportunity to show your ability. Often times, someone will not make themselves available or turn down a new project because it is not part of their current job description. Don’t be afraid to out-do expectations. Eventually your title and pay will catch up!” – Kara

Go through the whole interview in your mind.

“Mentally think through your interview. Research the company and prepare some intelligent questions in advance. Anticipate questions they may ask, including the open-ended ones that require you to give examples of how you handled work situations. Practice an interview with a friend or family member. Even if it is a phone interview, sit up straight and pretend you are in the room. Your confidence and thoughtful preparation will be evident.” – Christine

Never stop job searching, even when you’re employed.

“Always be looking. Give your employer full effort and respect that relationship, but don’t put off updating your resume until you’re out of a job. Resumes should always be accurate and up-to-date, and you should know what is available in your area. Nothing is a guarantee, so be ready for anything!” – Juli

Remember to laugh.

“Keep a sense of humor. It lets you bounce back more readily for rejection and provides relief from the stress of looking for a job.” – Jeannine

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