Cold Emailing For A Job

If you have ever made a cold call before, you will be a natural at cold emailing. Cold emailing is when you send a professional introductory email to a potential employer that you have no former relationship with. In most instances, cold calls and emails are used as a marketing strategy to generate sales and leads for potential customers/clients. In this case, however, we will be talking about using cold emails as a job hunting strategy. Below are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Do your research
    Personalise your emails according to each person you are making contact with. Do research about the company and contact person you will be communicating with, and make sure you are contacting the correct person for the type of job you are applying for. Let them know that you specifically emailed them because of their skillset. Avoid emailing to a generic “info” or “admin” email address, rather email to a specific person directly so you can form a relationship and not just send an email that no-one might read.
  2. Have an interesting subject line
    Sending an email to a senior employee means that they most probably receive tons of emails a day, so yours needs to stand out. Catch their eye with a relevant and strong subject line. Make it practical, while sharing information about your experience. For instance, if you are emailing to join the Marketing team, write something like “Marketing Manager with __ Expertise Ready to Build Your Team.”
  3. Have a compelling opening paragraph
    Address the person using their title and last name, instead of a generic “To Whom It May Concern”. If you do not have a specific name, list the department instead. Introduce yourself by stating who you are, and why you are emailing. Include some background information on your career and why this role interests you. Also state why you decided to email this specific person. Remember to keep this portion of the email short but sweet.
  4. Make your intentions clear and simple
    What would you like the outcome of your email to be? Tell the person what you would like them to do – would you like to set up a virtual meeting to hear more about the company and available roles? Or would you simply like them to contact you once a job matching your skills becomes available? Make your request clear and simple.
  5. End off with a way to contact you
    Make sure you leave your correct contact details so they can make contact with you. If you are requesting a virtual meeting, suggest a few dates and times. Remember to keep it professional, and thank them for taking the time to read your email and consider your request.

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