4 Reasons Why An Internship Is A Good Idea

An internship is can be a good way to gain experience, expand your exposure of your chosen career path and help you grow a solid network. Here are three reasons why you should consider doing an internship after school:

  1. Gain experience
    An internship can give you job experience by exposing you to daily tasks without a firm commitment to that precise career track. It can help you decide if certain jobs fit your personality and talents, and allow you to meet people who can give you guidance and career advice.
  2. Transition into the working world
    An internship is a good way to fill some transition time with the work you hope to do long-term. It can eliminate some of the pressure of quickly having to find a permanent job and help you apply the skills and knowledge you have been studying into a practical situation.
  3. Gain good references
    References gained from an internship can be valuable in your job searches, because those managers will have known you personally and seen how you contributed to the company. They can speak to specifics and describe your developing skills and how your education prepares you for employment.
  4. Create a good network
    An internship places you in a good position to meet people on the same career path that you wish to follow. They are in the perfect position to share the strengths and pitfalls of the particular industry, which will help you make an informed decision about whether or not you want to pursue it further.

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