5 Reasons Why You Need A Cover Letter + What To Include

A cover letter introduces you to recruiters. You could call it a summary of who you are, your experience and what you can offer employers that is meant to intrigue them to read your resume. Some recruiters do not require a cover letter, while others do – it simply depends on their preference. It is best to only submit a cover letter with your job applications if the employer requests one. That being said, why should you start drafting your cover letter now?

  1. They offer a more relevant explanation than a resume can
    A resume is meant to highlight your career achievements, but it does not provide insight into who you are as a person. A cover letter gives you an opportunity to also showcase your character, passions and insights into your field of work. It is the perfect addition to your job application.
  2. They demonstrate how you communicate
    A cover letter displays your style of communication, which indicates how you think. This helps employers better understand you to determine if you will be a fit for their company.
  3. They show you are a serious candidate
    If you are serious about finding a job, you will invest time and effort into making sure you represent yourself in a professional way. Many candidates do not include a cover letter with their job applications, even when requested, so adding one will show that you take your job search seriously.
  4. Introduce yourself and briefly summarise your professional background
    Who are you and what makes you a fit for the position you are applying for? A cover letter is a good way to explain this to employers.
    Tip: carefully assess the job description and customise your CV and cover letter accordingly.
  5. It creates a good first impression
    As mentioned above, a cover letter is meant to intrigue employers to read your resume. It helps you make a good first impression and is the perfect way to summarise who you are.

    What should your cover letter include?

    – Your name, surname, location and contact details
    – The name and address of the employer
    – The name and position of the contact person (if one is listed in the job description)
    – Explain the purpose of writing your cover letter
    – Summarise your educational and job history (the ones that are relevant to the job)
    – Explain why you are a fit for the position/company
Example from Zety.com

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