5 Ways To Prepare For A Job Interview

  1. Review the job description

Make sure you know exactly what is expected of you should you get the job, so that you are able to answer all questions related to the job from an informed perspective, as well as ask informed questions. More importantly, make sure that what you wrote on your CV matches what the company requires.

2. Have copies of your CV, a pen and notepad handy

You never know when you might need an extra copy or two of your CV during the interview, so make you print them out and have them ready the day before, along with a pen and notepad to take notes.

3. Research the company

Familiarise yourself with the company’s history, vision and mission statement. Spend time on their website and social media to get a good feel of what they are all about, so you can see how you will fit into the company culture, as well as show the interviewer that you made an effort.

4. Prepare a list of your own questions

It is important to ask your own questions, should you be given the opportunity to do so. Doing research on the company and thoroughly going through the job description helps in this regard. Make a list of things that you are ensure of, or that you are simply curious about.

5. Prepare your attire and traveling route the night before

Preparing your attire the night before your interview ensures that you will not have to rush, and can stay relaxed up until your interview. Also plan out your traveling route to see what time you will need to leave home in order to be on time.

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