3 Ways to Improve Employee Wellness

More and more companies are recognising that the well-being of their employees, specifically mental well-being, is vital to the success of their business. Employee wellness is no longer simply about promoting physical health, but about promoting holistic health. Here are three ways employers can promote healthy mind and body in the workplace:

  1. Have regular check-ins
    Create an environment where your employees can feel safe to express their struggles by having regular staff check-ins. Have presentations/workshops on skills and tips your staff can use to balance their work and private life, and openly encourage employees to take care of their mental and physical health. It is important for employees to see that management care about their well-being and are able to acknowledge that everyone has troubles and frustrations.
  2. Make resources available
    Provide an appointed person who can deal with staff wellness. Knowing that there is someone to talk to or ask questions to, will allow employees to feel more secure at work. Teach employees stress management techniques and promote programmes for mental health.
  3. Promote an environment of peace and job satisfaction
    It is important to create an environment where employees feel that their effort and hard work are being acknowledged and rewarded. Creating a system where staff are rewarded for their hard work, will encourage them to give more of their energy and effort. Foster an environment of unity amongst staff through team building activities, as peace at the office allows employees to focus more on their work. Encourage switching off once the work day ends, and do not require staff to work after hours.

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