Jumpstart Your 2020 Job Search

1.) Create a plan. Creating a plan will help you manage your time efficiently, as well as help you plan what you will do, when. Decide what you would like to do and set deadlines for yourself.

2.) Avoid applying for random jobs. Be specific in terms of which jobs you will be applying for, so that you do not waste time applying for jobs you are not qualified for. Rather put your time and effort into applying for jobs that will bring you closer to your goals.

January means planning for the year ahead.

3.) Sign up for job alerts. A lot of websites and recruitment companies have the option for you to set up job alerts. This is a really simple way to get tailored and up to date jobs to your inbox.

4.) Look in the right places. Find out which jobs sites and websites work for you and have jobs tailored to your industry.

5.) Keep track of you applications. It is really easy when you have been applying for lots of jobs to forget what you’ve even applied to. To combat this, try and keep a spreadsheet or document of each job role, title, and the company. This means you can track your success and also means that if you get a call or email from a specific company then you can differentiate each role. 

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