Common Misconceptions About Recruitment Agencies

Misconception #1 – We create vacancies for people

Generally people think that the purpose of a recruitment agency is to create vacancies for everyone who approaches them looking for a job. The truth is that we work according to the needs of our clients.  They give us a position that needs to be filled and we provide them with candidates – candidates who meet the requirements of the client. This brings us to our next point:

Misconception #2 – We can submit any CV’s to the client, even if it does not meet their criteria

We cannot submit just any CV to our client; the candidates need to meet all their requirements. Our job is two-fold: provide jobs; please the client. Most people think that we are in a position where we can submit CV’s to clients as favours to people who know us personally, even if the person does not fit the criteria, not realising that by doing so we shoot ourselves in the foot and potentially rob a deserving candidate of an opportunity. If we do this, we can lose the client’s trust in our ability to provide suitable candidates, whilst also losing out on an opportunity to provide someone with a job.

Misconception #3 – We have the final say on who gets the job

We do not decide who gets the job; the client does. We simply provide them with a pool of potential candidates and they have the final say as to whom they want as an employee.

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