Job Searching Tips for 2018 (Part 1)

  1. Do not neglect personal interaction

Do not neglect the power of personal interaction in this digital age. While it is imperative that you apply for jobs online, it is still important to pop in at companies, introduce yourself and drop off your CV to make a personal impression.

  1. Gain experience in outside-the-box ways

Be creative when it comes to gaining experience. Clients often seek a certain level of experience when hiring and many applicants get turned down because of a lack thereof. Find other ways to gain the experience you need by volunteering, applying for internships, doing side jobs, etc.

  1. Stay Engaged

Take every opportunity you can to build your personal brand and keep yourself in the loop on job search techniques. Keep networking, engage in training, promote yourself on social media and continue to develop yourself personally.

  1. Do not neglect your CV

It is very important to keep your CV updated: update information, make improvements where needed, make sure your references are still contactable, check grammar and spelling, etc.

  1. Use your smartphone as a tool

Your smartphone is an invaluable aid in your job search. Sending emails, submitting applications, and completing assessments – you can do it all through your phone. You can also use your smartphone for career development purposes by accessing online courses and programs.

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