5 Tips for Applying for Jobs Online

  1. Thoroughly read job descriptions

Make sure you read the job description thoroughly before applying, and make sure you meet all the requirements. Make sure you also follow instructions if there are any.

  1. Create an original cover letter

Customise your cover letter according to the job description and indicate how you have applied the required skills in the past.

  1. Make sure your responses are error free

Avoid common errors when applying for jobs, such as general spelling and grammatical errors, spelling the name of the company or contact person incorrectly and using text language in your communication.

  1. Clean up your public social media profiles

Before you start applying for jobs online, make sure you clean up your social profiles. The majority of online recruiters look at applicants’ social media profiles, hence it is important to keep it decent. It is also a good idea to highlight some of your professional skills in your bio descriptions, cover images, etc.

  1. Fill out all the fields

Never leave any empty spaces when completing your application. Filling out all the spaces that apply to you shows the recruiter that you have taken the time needed to submit a decent application, and shows that you take the job seriously.

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