Bad Interview Questions to Avoid

Asking questions during a job interview is always encouraged as it shows the interviewer that you are actually interested in engaging. However, asking the wrong questions could cost you the job. Below we discuss a few examples of questions to avoid during a job interview.

  1. What does your company do?

Really? Asking this question shows the employer that you did not do your homework. It could give the impression that you are not serious about their company, the interview or the job. Always make sure that you do research about the company, their purpose, vision and mission. Knowing this will definitely score you major points in their eyes!

  1. What is your policy on office dating?

This is a blatantly inappropriate question for obvious reasons as most companies do not allow fraternising amongst employees. It could give the impression that you intend to engage in inappropriate behaviour that could cause the company unnecessary problems.

  1. Am I allowed to work from home?

Although some companies allow their employees to work from home, asking this question forthrightly may give the impression that you are lazy and intend to stay out of work often.

  1. Asking questions about maternity/paternity leave

This could give the employer the impression that you intend to have a baby in the near future and expect the company to cover your leave.

  1. What is the company’s absenteeism policy?

Asking this question could indicate that you are planning to be absent from work often but want to avoid having to deal with the consequences.

Do you have any examples of your own to add to this list?

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