Grace Temporary & Permanent Staffing Services (GTPSS) is a 100% BEE placement agency and labour broker specialising in the following areas:

→ Office Support

→ Finance

→ Human Resources

→ Marketing

→ Manufacturing

→ Artisans

→ Semi-Skilled staff

  • To offer a broad range of staffing solutions to clients requiring skilled and semi-skilled employment across a wide spectrum of industrial services.
  • To uplift employment quality in the labour market through thorough management.
  • To manage recruitment and staffing issues for companies.
  • To eliminate the HR administrative burden of organisations.
  • To assist, build and uplift skilled and semi-skilled communities by seeking suitable employment for them.


Grace Temporary & Permanent Staffing Services offers solutions that benefit our clients by:

  • Reduced administrative and employer law costs
  • Less risk for clients as staff can be employed by GTPSS
  • A reduction of headcount cost from client’s balance sheets
  • GTPSS assumes responsibility for all the day-to-day labour and IR issues thereby allowing clients to focus on revenue generating issues
  • The replacement of fixed costs with variable costs
  • Increased quality of HR supervision and properly managed compliance with legislation
  • Greater flexibility in the ability to manage workforce numbers
  • Peace of mind with regard to HR issues
  • GTPSS will assume and manage disciplinary actions between client and employee